International Association of Karate Ashiharakyokai is a separate and distinct ASSOCIATION started and developed by organizations and clubs that wish to continue the Way of late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara.


Ashihara karate was developed after much contemplation by the late Grand master Hideyuki Ashihara, and several changes were brought to the kyokushin style, as well as a complete emphasis on self-defence. This change has also been influenced by Street Fight Karate and Ju-Jutsu Evasive Techniques, leading to the development  of Ashihara's own Fighting Kata's and Sabaki principles. The name change was brought forward from Japan, where the late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara, former Shihan (master instructor) of kyokushin, decided to name this school of thoughts"Ashiharakaikan". This was done with the full approval of his many students and branch chiefs throughout the world.

We are greatly indebted to kyokushin budokai Grand master Kaicho Jon Bluming 10th Dan for his budo spirit that he imparted onto us. A sincere thanks is also offered to all the sensei, senpai and seito who assisted us in our training - a sincere Osu! We also thank Soke David Cook 10th Dan, Founder of the Tsu Shin Gen International(former Shihan of Ashihara Karate) and Shihan Takumi Higashidani, for their encouragement, tiching and advice. A special thanks is due to all danish ashihara-masters for their support and assistance in the "early day's" of Ashihara Karate and to Kyoshi A. Sosnin (Ukraine), the best Budo-ka and our frend. Lastly, but not least, our deepest gratitude goes toKancho Hideyuki Ashihara for creating the way . Ashiharakyokai is a modern style, with a new and dynamic approach to training. Although modern, it retains the positive aspects of traditional karate, such as Kata and Kihon and of course, discipline. The Kata's are all fighting oriented and more importantly, functional. These along with the Kihon are practised in a practical and effective fashion.

In a short space of time, International Association of Karate Ashiharakyokai has spread to many other countries, and more and more people are showing interest in joining the Association. The Association is of high standard, and it is the intention to keep it as harmonious and devoid of political intrigues as possible. Therefore the IAKA has a restrictive membership.